Mattress Cleaning Services

Mattress is one of those things that bring comfort to our lives. It defines the way we sleep. Keeping it neat and clean should help us to avoid infections and possible diseases.The life of mattresses is usually very long. We even have some lifetime Mattresses. But the question is; do we keep them clean enough?

All too often people assume that an occasional vacuuming is enough to keep their mattresses clean. And many believe that because the mattress is often covered with sheet or some sort of protection, it will remain clean forever. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Whether the person sleeping on the bed has a good standard of personal hygiene and/or uses the newest and best quality mattress, the quality of your sleep is usually affected by the comfort and hygiene of your mattress.

So, even in the best maintained and most hygienic of homes, guest houses. hotels etc., to keep the mattress in the best possible condition, we would recommend professional mattress cleaning services at least once every six months.

Our Mattress Cleaning Process:

1. We begin with an inspection of the mattress.
2. A pre-spray solution is put on the mattress to help treat spots and stains.
3. This is followed by a thorough hot water rinsing, using our state-of-the-art, heavy-duty steam cleaning system. This process combines a strong  vacuum that sucks the dirt into a into a separate holding tank.
4. We inspect the cleaned mattress to make sure every inch received a cleaning and go back to any area that may need more attention.
5. Depending on the ventilation, your mattress would be dry between 3 – 5 hours and is ready for bed time.
6. You may choose to add an additional service such as an anti-allergy treatment or deodorization.

Some Benefits of Mattress Cleaning

• Reduces Allergens
• Improves Mattress Hygiene
• Creates a Fresher Cleaner Environment for Sleep
• Eliminates odors

The combination of mattress cleaning and anti-allergy treatment offers one of the best opportunities to eliminate misery causing allergens from your indoor environment. You’ll breathe easier and sleep better after a thorough professional mattress cleaning by Famous Cleaning Services.

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