Gutter Cleaning Experts

Is your roof leaking and causing flooding to your basement? Are there rotten wood or foundation cracks? Maybe you are experiencing invasion of insects, disrupting your privacy?

No doubt , its time to call the experts !

When your guttering and downpipes are at risk of being clogged, don’t give it to chance; opt for Famous Comprehensive Cleaning Service! We have the means and know-how to remove fallen leaves and other debris from your system and maintain it in a condition that won’t cause any leakage and will keep insects away from your property.

Our programs allow the entire gutter system to function and achieve its maximum life expectancy. All rain gutters are cleaned by hand and rinsed clean with water; we make sure all loose debris is removed from both flat and sloped roof areas. Each downpipe is flushed thoroughly and checked from ground level to assure proper flow. The gutters, siding and grounds are left clean and spotless. Famous Gutter Cleaning Professionals will clean your rain gutters and downpipes (spouts) with the same professionalism and quality ever!

Our service is suitable for all houses, blocks of flats and commercial properties, as well. And it comes with many additional benefits such as:

  • A guaranteed service – you get one month guarantee for the cleaned area
  • Not hourly-based – the technicians will work until every section is clean from accumulated substances.
  • Risk-free – work is performed according to SA safety regulations. Also, the exterior of your House/Building won’t suffer any damages – thanks to our professional equipment.
  • Regular services can be arranged, we recommend gutter cleaning at least twice a year.
  • Experienced and HSE-trained technicians

Note: In order to clean your gutters and downpipes successfully, we need easy access to your property, from the ground. And we cannot clean gutter with guards.

Call us NOW: 011 318 5674. for a FREE – NO-OBLIGATION estimate.