Factory & Warehouse Cleaning

At Famous Cleaning Services,we provide specialized Warehouse Cleaning , Factory Cleaning and other Industrial Cleaning. When Famous Cleaning Services steps in for your company, your dreaded warehouse cleaning task will be painless and easy!

We start your warehouse cleaning from top to bottom with cleaning the high areas first including rafters, beams, walls, etc. Once we have the high areas vacuumed and wiped down, we then move towards the warehouse flooring. We start preparing the floors for a total wet scrub.

Firstly we remove all dust and debris from floor and also pre – treat any stains as needed.Once we have completed the dust, debris, spill and stain removal to our satisfaction, we then commence with the intensive floor scrubbing process, using only products and degreasing agents that are water based, non – toxic and biodegradable.

Finally the floors will be followed up with a sealant or refinish to complete the job .We leave your warehouse floors in an almost dry condition not to affect any packaging, stock or pallets . And the floors are completely dry within an hour!Once dried , your warehouse will pass a white glove inspection!

We Offer:

    • Overnight and Weekend Service
    • All Work Quality Assured
    • Free Quotations
    • High reach internal and external cleaning
    • Safer products with good COSHH/HACCP/Due Diligence criteria
    • Exceptional deep cleaned results without harmful caustics and solvents

Our teams of carefully selected and vetted cleaners use the latest equipment and technology to deliver a wide range of services backed with a customer satisfaction guarantee you can rely on. Our being flexible enables us to meet all your requirements. Our staff can work early mornings, late evenings, or on weekends. The decision is yours.

The first step in creating your tailor-made solution – a friendly visit to your premises to listen to your requirements and experiences. With no obligation, we will then design your individual cleaning schedule that will take away the hassle, improve productivity and maximize your budget. Our warehouse cleaning and factory cleaning teams can handle regular deep cleaning contracts or one-off cleaning projects and the size of the cleaning project is not a problem – we do them all.

Call us NOW: 011 318 5674 . for a FREE – NO-OBLIGATION estimate.