Expert Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Cleaning Carpets and Area Rugs thoroughly has always been our goal, so you can count on Famous Cleaning Services for all your needs. We offer Carpets and Rugs Cleaning Services for both Commercial and Residential customers.

Our Carpet Cleaning technicians operate state-of-the-art, heavy-duty carpet cleaning machinery. Our experienced technicians specialize in a deep clean process based on the manufacturer’s recommendations for all types of Rugs Cleaning – Wool Rugs, Persian Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Sisal Rugs, kilim Rugs and the Fitted Carpets.

Carpet Cleaning research indicates that Steam Cleaning provides the most desirable carpet cleaning results. This is known as (Hot Water Extraction Method) which deep cleans your carpets, flushing the dirt and pollutants from the fibers or difficult to reach areas with self-neutralizing cleaning chemicals. The dirt is sucked into a powerful vacuum and then into a separate holding tank.

We always choose the best biodegradable carpet cleaning products for our treatments that will not leave any sticky residues or odors. After our cleaning service your carpets will stay cleaner longer and will have a long-lasting fresh appearance.

Professional Rugs Cleaning – Hand Wash Delicate Rugs:

Do you require Handwashing / Full Pool (Emersion) Cleaning of your special rugs or you just need your rugs cleaned outside of your premises? We offer pick-up and delivery, otherwise you are free to personally bring your rug in. Our Area Rug Care Specialists are trained in both Machine and Handmade Rug Cleaning, Repair, and Restoration Services.

Stain or Odor Removal

Our cleaning technicians will pre-treat any stains or odor problem areas to ensure the best possible results, using the very latest and environmentally friendly products.

We have tea and coffee removers, removers for Red Wine, Rust, Paints, Lipsticks, Ink and even chewing gum. We also use a specially formulated carpet cleaning product that is protein based and this removes milk and food stains. Water marks caused by pot plants and flood damage can also be eliminated. For all of deep stain removal service we are available to help you.

We also provide Scotch-guard/Protection for your carpet, rug or upholstery to protect from stain in future.

Please Note: Not all stains are removable, especially when the stain stays older it becomes more difficult to remove. However, at Famous cleaning service, we guarantee that if we can’t remove a stain that no one else will be able to remove it either. (This does not include bleaching or dying)

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