Pre, Post-Occupational/Spring Cleaning FAQ

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Do I need to be at home when you carry out the cleaning?

You don’t need to be at home as long as we have access to your property, as well as access to electricity and water. However, we would like you to be at home upon completion of the service so you can inspect the results and arrange payments.

Do you provide cleaning materials and equipment?

Provision of cleaning detergents and equipment is included in the charge you have been initially quoted by one of our representatives.

Can I leave your cleaners unsupervised?

Our cleaners are fully trained, vetted and disciplined to provide high quality service. You can leave them at the property to carry out their job as long as you are there in the beginning of the service to let them in and towards the end to inspect their work. However if you do not feel confident in leaving them at the property unsupervised you are more than welcome to be there the whole time.

Do I pay you or do I pay to the cleaner the full amount?

You can pay to us or pay directly to the cleaner at the end of the service.

Is it possible for third party to pay for the cleaning?

It is possible for third party to pay for the service in case you can not be present at the end of the service ;as long as you have initially informed us and have provided the contact details of your representative.

Is washing of walls included as part of your Spring Cleaning Services?

We do wipe down walls .But we will not try to wash the walls and the ceilings. We will however clean all cobwebs. We do however wash/clean the walls if you ask us to do it.This service is time consuming hence will cost extra and the entire responsibility will be yours should any damage to the walls occurs.

What else is NOT included in the pre,post occupational /Spring Clean ?

Not included in our Spring Cleaning (New Tenancy cleaning, End of Tenancy cleaning, Pre/ Post- occupational cleaning, Move-In/Out cleaning, Post-renovation cleaning, After-builders Cleaning, or just one-time spring cleaning of your property) ,are: carpet cleaning, exterior windows, any external areas (patios, gardens, external staircases, parking spaces, balconies, terraces). These services are available at extra cost. Please call our customer service team on 0113185674 to obtain a quote.

Are there any extra charges I have to pay?

Parking fee and congestion charge will be added to your total price if we cannot park our vehicle free of charge servicing your address and if you cannot provide a parking space or a valid parking permit..

How soon after booking can you do pre,post occupational /Spring cleaning at my property?

We need at least 2 days to arrange your Spring cleaning . If you book a Spring Cleaning Service with us on a short notice, e.g. Same day or the next day, an extra amount will be added to the final price.

What are after builders / construction/renovation clean?

Part of our Post /Pre Occupational Spring Clean or Once off deep cleaning - Whether you have had a whole refurbishment or just a small DIY project it can result in a very dusty home or office. We recommend that you wait until at least the day builders /contractors or workers are out before starting with the clean to let the dust settle and to avoid builders interest conflicting with the cleaners. When you book an after builders clean with Famous Cleaning we will send a team of cleaners with all of the cleaning equipment and materials to remove the dust and get your place feeling like home again.

Do you dust walls and ceilings on after builders clean?

Our cleaners are fully trained to provide professional After Builders Cleaning Service. We mainly concentrate on the dust which is normally built up on the walls and ceilings. Therefore our aim is to clean as much of the dust as possible which includes dusting all surfaces, walls and ceilings.

Do you wash walls?

Unfortunately Famous Cleaning does not specialize in washing walls as we can not be sure if the paint is washable or not. However if you request us to clean certain spots we will try to remove them as much as possible with cleared understanding between you and Famous Cleaning that you will not hold us or any of our cleaning technician responsible for damages caused during the cleaning.

What do you do on One Off services?

We have got a standard task list which our cleaners complete, however you can prepare your own tasks depending on your needs. 

Do I pay you or do I pay to the cleaner the full amount?

You can pay to us or to the cleaner at the end of the service.

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